Saturday, April 26, 2008

What would you do?

Tonight I am going to a "Craft Night" with a few of my friends. I am SO excited to get out of the house and hang out with the girls without screaming children. Don't get me wrong, I love my children dearly, but sometimes we all need a little break.  With this being said, we are also having dinner served at this get together. I don't know who the host is, nor do I know what is being served, so I'm trying to figure out the best route for this evening. Do I eat most of my points at home and then graciously not participate in the meal? Or do I save the points and eat the meal, which will most likely put me over my points and then some? These kind of situations are usually hard for me. I want to be strong and continue on the road to weight loss, but I don't wanna hurt any feelings as I do this. I do know that one of my bloggy friends will be there (she's the one that invited me) and she is doing WW, so I may just do as she does as I know she will have a great plan! I know this because I've seen her success and also because we've all been asked to bring a dessert and she is bringing fruit!! Yay Leeann!! I was so excited to hear that! I did make the Chip's Ahoy Dessert recipe I got from Lorie (posted below) and that is only 2 points a serving and is completely delicious!!

I guess I'll just eat my WW compliant meal here at home, but leave some room for some of the dessert points and hopefully not offend anyone when I don't eat the dinner. I'm thinking it's more of a pot luck type deal anyways. Who knows, there may even be things offered that won't kill me in points or at least that's what I'm hoping. I'm not confronted with this type of situation often as I usually know the person's whose house I am going to and therefore, can somewhat plan ahead. Or, I know the restaurant I'll be going to and know the dish I will be ordering before I go there, thanks to DWLZ! If you haven't checked it out, be sure to do so. It has points for almost every restaurant and food you could ever dream of eating at. So, not being able to really plan ahead like I usually do is really hard for me. I still have quit a few points to use for tonight, so hopefully I'll remember my Extra Sugar Free chewing gum and focus on what we are there for, to make a fun craft! :)

I'll be sure to post about it afterwards. This will help me to be more accountable for what I eat as I know I'll have to write about it. I may just be writing to myself, but by putting it down for the world to see, it helps me to stay focused.

What do any of you do in these type of situations? How do you plan ahead or figure your points for the day? I really don't wanna use all my "flex points" (I think that's what they call them now?) at this party. It's a new week and I try and leave the points available for most of the week and rarely ever use them anyways. 

Okay, I've babbled long enough and have probably not made a lick of sense as I have my darling baby on my lap jabbering about as well as swattin' at the keyboard :) 


Lorie said...

Weight Watchers is all about living and that is what those flex points are for. I thought you were using the old plan though. We have had several WW meeting that give me ideas to pass your way. I used to save up my points if I knew I had something big that night. But at weight watchers, they said don't do that. Instead, eat something before you go even if it is to a restaurant and you will eat less. Also try to enjoy conversations and not focus so much on the food and finally I always bring something I know I can eat to potlucks so if I don't have to worry and know at least something will be there for me. I try really hard not to eat something that I can't figure out the points for.
I am the Enrichment Counselor and was really worried because we had an activity yesterday on bread making. Everyone there knows I am on Weight Watchers since they can tell I am losing weight so they brought sugar free jam and I brought my points calculator and they had the NI on the breads they were making. 1/2 pices of bread was 1 1/2 points and that does not count the jam, but I ate some and enjoyed myself because I knew they had made an effort to include me. I had such a great time making bread and eating and chatting with other sisters! Like I said befor it is all about living!
I don't know if that helps or not and I did not see this yesterday so I know you already went. I hope you got to live and have a great time and still found something yummy to eat!

Leeann said...

LOL You are so funny. I didn't know you were stressing over the dinner! I knew we where having pizza and I wasn't joining in...I should have told you.
I don't worry about what anyone else thinks of me and my eating. I am doing this for one else. If they are offended that I didn't eat their food...don't I have the right to be offended that they offered it, knowing my weight loss goals?
(not that I would be...but you see what I mean.)