Friday, May 30, 2008

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 Fitness on Friday

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Well, another week has come and gone and I'm feeling big and large. Not that I've gained a ton, but I did gain. I was doing SO GOOD this week and then the past few days have felt sick and out of my element. Not to mention, I've started the whole process of trying to potty train my almost 3 year old. I guess all the stress of everything and me showing my daughter that the treats are good after using the potty and keeping her pants dry did a toll on me. But, I don't wanna be full of excuses! I'm NOT gonna sit here and say to myself, "oh I messed up, might as well eat some greasy or fattening food!" Nope, I'm focused and ready to get back on track to losing weight! I don't like how I feel when I gain. I don't like how I feel in my clothes. I DO LIKE seeing the scale go down in numbers. I DO LIKE how my clothes fit better as I lose the weight and I DO LIKE how I have more energy and desire to get out and enjoy the world around me when I'm eating right and exercising!

That being said, I'm here and focused on the upcoming week! I WILL meet my goal by the time my MIL gets home from her mission, which is at the end of July. I have less than 10 lbs to go, so it's attainable. I just got to keep my mind in focus and keep up the motivation. I get my motivation from all of the great weight loss blogs/websites I find out there. Thank you to all of you who post such great things to help motivate others! It would be a much harder road to weight loss without you.

On a brighter note, my hubby and I did purchase some bikes last week. We also bought a trailer to tow the kids around behind us. My hubby thought this would be a great way to exercise together and not have to get a babysitter every time we want to get some exercise in! To me, it was a FABULOUS idea! We went for our first bike ride on Wednesday night (the kids have been sick before that) and it was WONDERFUL! We took the ride after he got off work. We hadn't eaten dinner yet, so we biked down to the local Subway and got us some low point yummy sandwiches. Then we biked to the park that was furthest from our house and enjoyed a little picnic with the kids. We let the kids play at the playground for a few minutes and then headed back out on our bikes. We rode a long time and I loved EVERY MINUTE of it. The best part is my hind end doesn't hurt from the ride! YAY, hopefully I got the right seat then :) I look forward to more rides with the family in the near future. We plan to go out again on Saturday as my hubby has to work late tonight. It's our goal to go at least 3 times a week. I think it will quickly become more than that as the ENTIRE family LOVED being outside and biking. 

Well, I hope everyone had a great week! Keep up all the great work and let's all focus on trying to eat right, exercise and enjoy life!!

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Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh... I need to loose weight. I have been trying forever. I need to try weight watchers cause no matter what I do I can't loose the baby weight

mom_of2boys said...

Don't let it get you down! You have been doing very well. Your weight loss goal is very reasonable - I know you can do it. I'm here to cheer you on!!

BTW, good luck on the potty training. I still can't get my 4 year old to go poo in the potty (argh!)

Natalie said...

You can totally meet that goal! I am so impressed with your bike ride!

Lawanda said...

Wow! Go girl! I wish I had the energy to do more than just walk. I think I must be getting old :-p

I ♥ Weight Watchers too!! :)

Jen said...

Awesome!!! You are still doing great, and I love your attitude of not giving up! I admire that you don't just delve into more bad food when you make a mistake. I do. Naughty me.
I love the recipes you shared a few days ago, going to try them this week. Thanks for letting us know how they were.

Rhonda said...

Wow! You are just amazing. I love to read your posts. You made me feel better just reading your DON'T LIKES and DO LIKES...they really hit home. I had a bad week and have fallen off the wagon. I'm getting back on now and that's all there is to it. :)

Natalie said...

I gave you an award on my blog!

Jen said...

Thanks for your comments on both of my blogs. I love that you visit both.
My family all live in UT, we travel out there every couple years or so, when they don't come to MN to visit me. If you are ever looking for a fabulous photographer I have one that I can whole heartedly suggest that lives out there, she's my friend

Jen said...

Bah! I didn't realize she was changing her website. Here's a link to her blog that has amazing pictures on it too. She has a very nice pretty style.

Natalie said...

You have such a great attitude!