Friday, May 2, 2008

Fitness On Fridays!

 Fitness on Friday

Well, this week was a good one for me in most aspects. I ate what I should be eating and stayed in my points despite being in situations where I didn't have control over what was fed to me. I was also proud that I did well when we ate out a few times as this is when I usually decide that I can deviate "just this once". I feel like I'm "in the mode" so to speak now and I'm just focused on my goal with my weight loss. This is a great feeling and I hope I can stay motivated!! I stay motivated by participating in this Fitness on Fridays and also by visiting other blogs throughout the week that help encourage me, keep my focus and share great recipes/tips/ideas etc. 

I am down 2 pounds this week and I am totally thrilled. I only have 10 pounds to go until I reach my original goal weight with WW. I plan to go even less than that, but for now my goal is to get to that goal weight by the time my MIL gets home from being overseas which is in July. I'm pretty sure POSITIVE I can do it!! I can do this by continuing to stay in my points, drink lots of water, stay in contact with people who motivate me and through exercise.

Speaking of exercise, that was my downfall this week. I've been horrible!! I need to get my rear into gear and get on that treadmill! I don't know why, but I keep finding excuses or I'm cleaning late at night when I usually work out. I realize cleaning burns some calories, but not like walking/running on the treadmill. 

Therefore, my goals this week are to continue to stay in my points, read up on motivating blogs and websites for weight loss (and hopefully find some new weight loss friends), find and try new recipes and finally. . . EXERCISE!!

I hope everyone had a successful week. . . and if you didn't have the best of weeks, try not to let this get you down!!  Instead, just focus on this week and how good you'll feel when you've lost the weight and are living healthier :)

Finally, I found this posted by Lorie on Honey I Shrank Myself and just LOVED it!! Take a moment to read this as it's straight to the point and VERY motivating! 

"If you don't quit, and don't cheat, and don't run home when trouble arrives, you can only win." -- Shelly Long

"Do you want to be successful at weight loss? Don't quit. Weight loss takes time and patience. I think I repeat those words every day. Are you listening? Or do you think I must be talking to someone else?
Do you want to be successful at weight loss in the fastest time possible? Don't cheat. The closer you stay to plan the better your chances of success. Are you following the WW plan or have you adjusted it so much that it now resembles a distant cousin?

Do you want to be successful at weight loss no matter the obstacles? Don't run home in despair and bury your feelings in a gallon of ice cream. You WILL have days of discouragement and disappointment. The way you handle those emotions will impact your continued success.

You CAN win. I believe it"

Thanks Lorie!! I totally agree!

With that said, GOOD LUCK to everyone on a successful week ahead :)


Michelle said...

Sounds like you've been making some really good improvements, good job! I have that problem too when I eat out, "well, just this once." It's not an easy one to get out. :P

Thanks for the post from Lorie. I really needed to read that today.

Embracing the Ordinary Day said...

Love your blog...thanks for the motavation and best to you!

Lorie said...

Glad I was able to motivate you! You are doing so well! Come visit me...I lost some more weight!

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I love the look of your blog. It's so calm and serene and I love the chocolate brown color.

I'm pretty new to WW, and not alot of my real life friends know about my decision. I'm not normally a private person, but about this I am. I'm slowly telling them at my own pace. I plan on starting to blog about my experiences when I loose my first 10 lbs. Maybe I'll start with examining why I've been so private about this issue.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by my place. It sounds like you're doing great. Eating out is one of my favorite things in the world. My first week on WW I was scared to go out. But gradually I'm finding my footing.

Have a great week.