Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, I woke up this morning to find that I was the recipient of a fine award! Boy, did this ever MAKE.MY.DAY!! I've been lacking when it comes to writing posts on this blog, probably because I have been lacking when it comes to doing well with my weight loss goals. It's not like I'm gaining left and right, but I'm not losing like I want to either. I'm been stuck around this same weight for some time now and need to get my rear into gear! I hate that I'm not seeing the scale go down as quickly as I like. However, I need to remind myself that when you get closer to your goal, getting the weight to come off becomes even more difficult. Those last few pounds prove to be really stubborn!!!

Nuff said about that. I'm happy to get this great award from Lorie!!! Her blog is inspirational to so many of us and I can't go a day without reading it. It's my "pick me up" when I need the extra push to keep going!! 

I really need that push right now because I want to make my goal I set for myself. I wanted to get to my original WW goal before my MIL got home and she gets home on the 24th of July!! AHHHH! I don't have much left to lose to get there, but what I do have to lose is proving to be rather difficult to get off! I'm TRULY gonna focus and write EVERYTHING down that I eat and try really hard to get to that goal. Although I know it is obtainable, I'm also not gonna beat myself up if I don't quit make it. I'm not saying I'm already giving up, I'm just being realistic and gonna be happy with the LOSS I see by the time she gets home. I WILL weigh less in a few weeks than I do now and that will be great motivation for me to KEEP ON GOING! I have additional weight loss goals beyond this goal on the 24th of July, so I have reason to keep my spirits high and remember to FOCUS ON WHAT I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED, NOT what I have not yet accomplished. It's best not to wallow in our downfalls. We must pick ourselves up and try try again! We'll be SO MUCH HAPPIER with ourselves if we focus on the positive and look to the future rather than justifying our downfalls and getting trapped in the vicious cycle of over-eating and sedentary lifestyles! 

Alright, there's my soapbox for now. I'm too lazy to re-read it and ensure it makes any sense. Hopefully it does. I'm so happy to have met the bloggers I have that continue to motivate me and pick me up when I am down. That is truly the reason for my success!! To all of you bloggers that have not yet received the award I have made and are here reading, be sure to snag up my custom made award for all my MOTIVATORS! It's over there on my sidebar!

It's all of you who truly keep me on the path towards weight loss!!


leish77 said...

You can do it!!! Keep up the great work. Just think you are 20 pounds lighter and healthier!

Lorie said...

You definately can do it!! I will be here to help you! We can help each other! I am so glad you put your feelings down in your blog. So, many others feel like you at times. Are you at a plauteu or are you really just not doing good. If it is the later, you need to forget about the past and start fresh. Hope to see you for WWWEW! I have loved your recipes and will be trying some soon!