Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fitness on Fridays!!

 Fitness on Friday

This week has been fantastic! I've lost weight and I feel great. Man, I sound like a "slim fast" commercial. Anyways, I didn't start out the week the best. My hubby and I were able to go out on a date night as my sweet dad watched the children for us. We ended up going to a Japanese Steakhouse and boy, was it ever yummy!!! I know I went over my points, but it was better than eating something like Chicken Alfredo from Olive Garden? Have any of you seen the points for that? It'll scar your for life! LOL! Only kidding! Then, the next night, we went to dinner with my hubby's brother and their family. The PLAN was to go to Applebee's, so I was totally stoked as we all know they have a WW menu there. Well, we ended up going to a Brazilian Grill and I overate! I tried to be good, but there weren't too many options there. There is a ton of meat and lots of carbs! (noodles, gravies, potatoes, rice. . . and so much more) I did as well as I could (ate lots of fruit from the salad bar, etc), but still felt totally gross and bulging for the next 2 or 3 days!

But, I didn't let this get me down! I was determined to lose this week. I had gained a small amount last week and I wanted to lose that as well as additional weight and I DID IT!! I now only have 7 lbs to go to get to my goal before my MIL gets home from her mission. I'm pretty sure it helped that I've been running around like a mad woman and cleaning every corner in the house because we have company coming, but I am so happy with the results! Clean house and weight loss! YAY! 

We also took our bikes out and made a goal to ride up the canyon to the first park there. What an AMAZING ride! It's beautiful! I can't wait to do it again! The plan is to go again tomorrow! We love it and the kids love it! They get to ride in the trailer and then play in the park once we get there. The ride has LOTS of hills and some pretty tough ones I might add, especially for us novices in bike riding. However, we're excited to continue to ride this trail and continue further up the canyon next time. This trail goes for miles and miles and miles and has BEAUTIFUL scenery of gorgeous mountains, forests, rivers and waterfalls! I'll have to post some pictures here if I remember. 

Well, it's been a good week and I'm full of motivation for the coming week ahead. It seems harder to stay on track when you have so many places you have to be and especially with family coming into town. They love to eat out and so do we. However, it's nice because my SIL is now doing WW so that should help keep my focus. Hopefully, she'll want to be good and stay in her points while out here. I'm just gonna plan ahead as that is the key!!!

I hope everyone's week went successfully and I'm excited to hear about how you all did! Thanks again for your continued support and comments!! You all are AWESOME!!


Natalie said...

You are an inspiration! You are doing so well!

Please don't tell me you went to Tucano's...I'll be way too jealous! ;)

Lilith Silvermane said...

YAY... congrats on getting so close to your goal!

I'm new to the "Fitness on Friday", how much have you lost?

Keep up the good work!

Natalie said...

Tucano's is where we had our wedding luncheon and where we went for our first anniversary. We almost moved to Boise instead of here and they just got one or are getting one, not fair...we need one here. Lol!

Lawanda said...

YAY!!!! For the clean house, and the weight loss! hehe

Don't show me things like that! (Olive Garden Alfredo calories!) I love OG!! :-p

Michelle said...

WTG on making your week better! Sometimes we slip but it's so great to get back up and keep going!

Yay your SIL will be doing WW too. It always helps having a buddy. :D