Friday, June 20, 2008

Fitness on Fridays!!

 Fitness on Friday

Well, this week has proved to end better than I thought. I swore I was gonna gain a TON of weight having tons of family in town, but to my amazement, I'm now only 5 lbs away from my original WW goal! YIPEE!! I intend to go lower than that, but for now, that is my goal. I want to meet this goal by July 24th (when my MIL gets home) and really believe I can do it. I even think if I put my mind to it, I can lose even more than that by then! I have my next goal already in mind! I originally got down to 8 lbs below my WW goal and I loved how I felt at that weight, so that will be my next goal. BUT, for now, it's to just get down to the original goal. Don't worry folks, I set my WW goal at the top of the charts, so I can bear to lose more even when I technically hit goal.

As for eating, I've done pretty well in staying in my points! I didn't do so well in the exercise field. We didn't get out and ride bikes because we've had family in town and my hubby has worked late. BUT, that doesn't mean I've been sitting around. We've been on the go everyday. We even took the kids swimming and I lugged my sweet toddler up about 10 flights of stairs at least 30 times to take her down the water slide! She was in heaven and I was losing my breath. I guess I got some exercise in there at least right? Other than that, it's just been long walks, chasing kids through the park and stores, museums, etc etc. We've been down right active! I think that's why I didn't gain and that's FINE BY ME! :)

I don't have much more to write as I have TONS to do. Sorry to keep it short and boring. I hope everyone is doing well on their weight loss journey! I'm off to read all the other Fitness on Friday participant's blogs! Have a fantastic week!


grace said...

great job! I bet you will reach your goal :-)

Natalie said...

I swear keeping busy is one of the best ways to not gain long as you're not out eating fast food of course.

Lawanda said...

First let me say: You are NEVER boring!

I think those water slide stairs gave you a pretty good workout! :)

I set my WW goal high too, because I just want to be in a healthy weight range to begin with. I have a feeling I will have to set it lower when I reach it, because I remember getting down below what I have as my goal, and I loved how I looked and felt!

Nancy Pancy said...

Weigh to Go! That is so cool! It's so hard to do when anything in your routine changes. Good going.

mom_of2boys said...

Congratulations! I'm excited for you!

Keeping busy helps me from not eating. I think a lot of times I eat out of boredom!

Keep up the great work!

BTW, I found the Fiber One Apple Bars at Target while I was on vacation. Friday I saw them at Meijer...they weren't on sale though.