Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fitness on Fridays!!

Well, I don't have anything really motivational to write this week. I haven't done exceptionally bad, but I haven't done anything fantastic either! It's all good. There's no gain, no loss, just stayed the same! Can't really complain about that I guess.

We have family in town and not sure how long they are staying. It's making it difficult to stay focused as we are going going going, but I'm trying my best! I'm hoping that I have a loss next week despite all the chaos around me ;) 

I also haven't been around to all the great blogs that motivate me as much as usual. That is key to my motivation. It really is. I just really haven't had the time, but I don't wanna make excuses. I just need to make the time. It's all about priorities and weight loss is definitely one of them!! We also need to make the time to ride our bikes again even with family in town. We were really disappointed a few days back to come out to the garage and see that my hubby's tires on his brand new bike were both flat. SERIOUSLY, what is up with that? It's not like we were cheap on what we spent on these lovely exercise apparatuses. Oh well. My hubby bought a pump and some new tubes for his tires and hopefully he gets out and fixes them really quick and we can get back to our fun bike riding exercise excursions! 

Well, I'm rambling on and on! Just not sure what to say, but wanting to be sure to post because when I don't, I don't have as much accountability with my goals with losing weight :) 

I hope everyone did fantastic this past week!! Let's keep our focus and be sure to motivate each other along the way! :)


beckyjomama said...

Staying the same with family in town is GREAT!!! I know I always throw everything out the window when I have guests. Keep up the good work and don't get down. That is the FIRST BIG step backwards. I know for me if I feel defeated, I give up and go for the food.

Stay focused!

grace said...

not loosing, not gaining, sounds good to me

Lorie said...

I am hosting a meme on Wednesday called "Watchin' What We Eat Wednesday." I hope that you will play and post a healthy recipe on your blog and then come back to my blog and link up. I think this will be fun and I hope you can participate.

Natalie said...

Have fun biking, I hope the tires stay inflated this time.

Lawanda said...

That is a total bummer about the bike tires. :( I hope he got them fixed.

Family being in town would be the hardest thing for me, I bet! I will soon find out, as we now have a guest room that some of my fam will be starting to use soon! :-p

Natalie said...

being on plan with family around is always hard, but it helps so much when there is someone else that is doing the same plan!