Friday, September 26, 2008

Fat Ticker Friday!

It's already Friday again? What the heck?!? I seriously have no idea where this week went. SERIOUSLY NO IDEA! Anyways, I'm half asleep writing this and had every intention of writing a super fantastic post filled with grandeur, but it's not to be. I have say, I was really looking forward to doing the photo question thinga ma jig for HFH, but my tiny brain and the few brain cells I have left can barely force out this post. 

ANYWAYS, I'm rambling. What I mean to say is I wanted a good post, but have run into obstacles that have made it nearly impossible to get on my lovely computer this week. Now, the weekend has come and it's my hubby's birthday and I need to get something posted now or it's just not gonna happen. We have tons of errands we need to do, not to mention parties here and there! It's gonna be fun! YAY! Hopefully, I am gonna be strong and eat healthy and have NO REGRETS! 

As for my weigh in, I guess it's officially Friday here! Not the best loss, but it's a loss. I bet if I weighed tomorrow, it might be a lil bit better. I  just tend to weigh less in the morning. Oh well, we'll go with what I got as I've got to get to bed. Are you all still reading? WOW, I'm boring and tired and BLAH! LOL! The loss this week is .5 lb! Man, next week WILL be better. Now that I've got my Wii fit, I'm gonna go crazy mad with the whole exercise thing. I LOVE the fit! LOVE IT! 

Alright, I'm gonna stop rambling away. The time it took to write this post, I could've done the picture question thingy huh? I'm pathetically tired! Hope everyone did good this week. I'll be by your blogs early next week for sure. I'm not thinking I'm gonna get much computer time this weekend, which in this case (my hubby's birthday, etc) is a good thing!

Happy weight loss everyone and sorry for the incoherent ramblings!

P.S. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE STOPPED BY AND COMMENTED ON MY BLOG! I'm USUALLY really GOOD at coming back and VISITING and commenting on your blogs! It's been one of those weeks! I PROMISE to be by soon! I feel I've missed out on so much and that there's MOTIVATION to be got out there! THANKS AGAIN! You're comments keep me focused, motivated and determined!!


BITR Country Girl said...

Congrats on the loss! I went up this week...Not going to beat myself up over it though. Happy birthday to your hubby!

Lawanda said...

YAY on the half pound!!!!! Real life sure can get in the way of virtual life, can't it? haha J/K!! Have a great weekend!!!!! :)

Christie O. said...

hey -- half a pound is a half a pound!! that's awesome! congrats on the loss this week! i have a feeling we're gonna be melting away with our wii fits! :)

Natalie said...

any time the scale moves in the DOWN direction there is cause for a celebration (without cake of course!). great job and next week will be even better with you using your wii fit!

leish77 said...

Yeah Jen!! Just think it's so much better loosing than gaining and YOU LOST!!!! Keep up the great work. Have fun at those birthday events.

Honey Mommy said...

Good job on the weight loss!
Any weight lost is a great week!

I'll be checking in on you later lady!

Molly said...

Congrats on the loss. .5 lb is better than nothing. Good luck with your Wii fit!