Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HOT for the Holidays!

Hot for the Holidays

So, I was over reading at Bye Bye Fat Mom and found this AWESOME idea! I'm totally gonna do this! Not that I will necessarily be "hot", but I'll be on my way if I do this! It's seriously a great idea! See that Hot for the Holiday's thing over on my sidebar? Ya, click there and it'll tell you all about it! Or ya can just click HERE!

It started yesterday, but you can start anytime and it's totally easy. You just have "weigh in" on her blog every Friday and you're eligible for a prize! Prize or no prize, I'm SO IN! I love finding new things that give me more motivation to get my rear into gear! 


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Christie O. said...

yay!! welcome!! i'm so happy you joined us! love your blog! that recipe looks yummy!